A Blog is born

  • Are you frustrated with the lack of practical solutions to business issues?
  • Are you determined to climb the corporate ladder but feel unnoticed and overlooked?
  • Do you have brilliant ideas but not sure how to execute them?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone!  You are one of many individuals with a feeling of disillusionment in the workplace.  One of my mentors recently wrote to me about frustration.  Frustration, he says, is a good thing.  ‘It often leads to breakthroughs and reinventions.’  It inspires people to improve their circumstances to have a rewarding life…..and so a blog is born!  Born out of a vision to inspire and uplift others to become the best they can be.

I have been in the Finance industry for 15 years and prior to that, was involved in Public Relations and Market Research.

I believe in a healthy mind and body and endeavor to quench both thirsts daily.  Competitive Irish and Highland dancing keeps me fit and positive, and my Ballet dancing, well…keeps me on my toes.

I maintain a healthy mind by reading uplifting material and surrounding myself with positivity.   In addition to postgraduate studies in Business Management, I continuously seek knowledge, with a personal goal to learn something new every day.  I have completed over 30 online courses spanning across all of my many interests from business, leadership and critical thinking to laws of human nature and self-development.  In hindsight, the singing course might have been a mistake – let’s just say the neighbours were not too impressed with the outcome!

Through my learnt-the-hard-way experiences in the business world coupled with academic research from experts in the field, I will share useful tips, dos and don’ts, and techniques to progress.  My objective is to offer real-world solutions that can be applied to your daily work.  My writing will at times have influences of the cognitive sciences because understanding and predicting human behaviour is fundamental in business success.  I embrace a humanistic approach to my business practices and will share my methods with you.

Thanks for dropping by.  With your participation, we can gain a greater insight into the world of business.


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